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RPM Technik.

Over the past fifteen years, the RPM Technik logo has evolved many times with minor tweaks here and there, meaning that their brand had become somewhat disjointed. They wanted to move away from ‘RPM Independent Porsche Specialists’ as they were getting confused with other specialists also known as RPM. A change of name was out of the question as they have built up a strong recognition since 2001, so a tweak of their ‘RPM Technik’ name was what was needed.

First port of call was their logo. We were all in agreement that a move from the stereotypical rev counter was needed, no car outlines and no Porsche crests. They wanted an ‘icon’ that could be used on its own along with the main logo, but needed to be fairly generic at the same time.

After many design ideas and feedback from the guys at RPM, we settled on a final logo that incorporates kerbing from a race track, which compliments the typography within the design. The ‘RPM’ is carried over from their previous logo, whilst the ‘Technik’ typeface was drawn from scratch and made much larger to ensure that they can differentiate from their competitors.

We produced a set of brand guidelines to ensure their brand is used correctly across all media, including magazine adverts, online including email mailshots and any printed literature moving forward.

2016 saw the launch of their brand new responsive website, which we designed and developed in-house. The website consisted of a responsive design centred around high-quality photography. Key features include a fixed price servicing menu, sales classifieds, a blog and an Ecommerce shop.


Photography by Wayne Lennon