Purity - MSGD Studio Ltd


The tail end of 2017 was to see a major refresh for Purity, an experiential marketing agency, in the form of their brand positioning and strategy. Their previous positioning had served them well but looked somewhat dated moving forward in to 2018 and due to the level of clients they deal with on a day-to-day basis, they felt something needed to be done.

This is where MSGD stepped in.

The brand strategy needed to be defined first and served as the roots of the whole project. Once this had been finalised we created various supporting materials to highlight the new approach for Purity, which included an updated version of their brand guidelines, business stationery, updated logos and lockups and a new responsive website.

The website was a particularly great project to work on in its own rights, not only because the team at Purity were extremely forthcoming with materials we needed, when we needed it, but also due to the fantastic library of photographs they have from their various events, which makes the website an extremely interesting one to view.