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Children's Art Galleries.

We first met with the team at Children’s Art Galleries in September 2016. They had a fantastic idea of producing a website that allows parents to upload their children’s artwork online, collating all of the images into an album and storing them forever.

“Why not just upload them on Facebook” we hear you ask… Firstly, the gallery is a child’s own personal space, reserved for an unlimited number of his or her creations for an unlimited period of time. Secondly, it’s much safer than social media, because there’s no possibility of unwanted contact and all images received are approved by them before they can appear on the website. And thirdly, the primary objective of their website is to encourage children to be more creative; Facebook and other social media are fine, but they can’t give the same concentrated commitment to children’s art.

We built the site on WordPress to take advantage of the easy to use CMS, which we modified to include a moderation system where site administrators can view and edit artwork before approving and publishing it. We also implemented a bespoke subscription system which allows subscribers to upgrade or downgrade their plan, all seamlessly integrated into the client’s payment system.

This was one of our more complex projects since there were some intricate workflow obstacles to overcome, but with the detailed specification we created with the client right from the outset, we were able to deliver the project on-time and within budget.

What They Say

From the very first day, it’s been a pleasure to work with MSGD Studio. We’ve had our share of disappointing experiences with web design in the past, but Darren and Marc have restored our faith by their thorough professionalism and their brilliant design and technical expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending MSGD to anyone who wants a first-class job, on time and at a fair price.

Ron Bateman, Director