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Who We Are.

Your business could be making more money right now, and you could be doing less.

At MSGD we design logos and branding that communicate your values and your message. We build bespoke websites, including customised e-commerce solutions. We create unique and memorable posters, flyers, packaging and even entire walls. We do all these things and many others in a personal and reliable way, and we’re really very good at it. But all of those things are what we do, not who we are.

So who are we? We’re people, just like you, who enjoy helping other people to be successful in business. This is why our focus is always on what you do, who you are and what you want.

We know that you’re not really interested in web design, but you do want customers to find you, connect with you and contact you. We know that you’re not really interested in branding, but you do want your customers to identify with you and remember you. We know that you’re not interested in e-commerce platforms, customised hosting solutions or managing your domain renewals, but you do want your customers to find it astonishingly easy to spend their money with you.

We know that these are the outcomes you really want, so that’s what we deliver.


MSGD is led by Marc Smiddy and Darren Bond, who met when collaborating to deliver a commercial project. They discovered that while they had unique skill sets and backgrounds, they shared the same work ethic and high standards. They also realised that they agreed on one very important issue; all businesses are different, and their challenges need different solutions.

After helping many entrepreneurs and businesses who were suffering from the constraints and weaknesses of high-volume template design, they decided that hard working business people deserve better and that MSGD would deliver only high quality bespoke services.


Marc is Creative Director and founder of MSGD Studio. After studying Graphic and Media Design at the University of the Arts in London, Marc went on to hone his skills in a commercial setting as Marketing and Design Manager for an award winning automotive specialist. Marc provides the direction for all creative activity at MSGD, drawing from his expertise in graphic and information design, typography, print and branding.


Darren is Digital Director at MSGD Studio. A former Head of IT for a global industrial components organisation, Darren is now responsible for all of the development and technology behind the websites, ecommerce platforms, content management systems and more, that all help MSGD clients to make the most of the digital revolution.