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Search Engine Optimisation

What's the difference between a website that doesn't exist, and a website that nobody ever finds?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the art and science of getting your website listed as high as possible on a search engine’s result page. If it isn’t immediately obvious how that affects your revenue, have a think about how you use the Internet. We’re willing to bet that you’ve used Google, Bing or Yahoo to find something, right? Probably several times a day! And when you get the results back, how often do you look any further than the first few results – let alone the first page?

Now have a think about the shiny new website that MSGD have just built for you. It looks fantastic! It does all the things your customers expect, and more! Now all you need is for thousands of them to actually find it.

Here are some reasons why that might not happen without an investment in SEO:

  • A new .uk domain is registered every 20 seconds
  • There are over 10.7 million domains ending in .uk and over 123 million ending in .com
  • Google serves an average of 3.5 billion searches per day worldwide – that’s 1.2 trillion a year!
  • Even a Google search for the word ‘socks’ produces “About 310,000,000 results” – only ten of which appear on the first page.

It’s been said that attention is a precious commodity. Given the stats in the opposite column, we’re inclined to agree. The challenge of digital marketing is essentially to get enough attention from exactly the right customers. This is what the discipline of SEO is all about. Those first few results on the first page don’t usually get there by accident.

As ever, the MSGD approach to SEO is to focus on your goals, and keep the technobabble to ourselves. However, our services are always customised, so you may be interested in some of the following features and benefits.

  • Technical audits
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Records of all changes to your site
  • Adherence to Google’s best practices
  • Strictly no use of shady link-building tools
  • Tailored strategy to improve search rankings
  • Responsive to all Panda, Penguin and Quality updates
  • Integrated with all your other great MSGD marketing services
  • Long-term, consistent traffic growth – no short-term, high-risk tactics
  • Reporting of activities and their results, e.g. ROI, traffic, rankings and conversions
  • No unrealistic claims – nobody can guarantee a number one ranking for major search terms


SEO is a long-term investment – just like business itself. It’s a winding road of planning, testing, reviewing and learning, but MSGD knows how to stay the course.

Imagine the day when your website experiences all the search engine traffic you could possibly want, and then even more next month! The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll get there together.

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