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Domains & Hosting

Do you know where your website is?

For such a seemingly dull subject, domain names and web hosting can actually produce quite a few surprises. For example, we’ve served some perfectly intelligent business people who were surprised to learn that in order to have a website they first need to provide it with somewhere to live. Just in case you didn’t know; that somewhere is known as a web host.

Some of our other very capable and successful clients, perhaps much like yourself, have been surprised to learn that their existing web host actually has the right to use, reproduce and keep all of the content on their website! Yes, it was right there in the small print.

As fun as some surprises can be, we generally prefer that our clients don’t have to deal with any regarding their domain names or web hosting. After all, these kinds of surprises can potentially lead to a loss of business and reputation – which itself then leads to more loss of business. Talking of which; do you know how regularly your website is backed up, or what you actually have to do to restore lost data? Don’t worry too much. It might never happen.

Actually, MSGD recommends an approach that’s healthier than worrying and much safer for your business than not worrying; let us worry about it for you. Here are some of the important details that you won’t have to worry about at all:

Total management of your domain, or many domains;

  • They’ll always point to the right IPs. Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry! We do!
  • They’ll never expire when you need them, nor will you go on paying for those you no longer need.
  • They’ll have all the correct ownership details in place because we’ll liaise with Nominet and ICANN on your behalf.

Finely customised web hosting;

  • Backup types and frequencies tuned to your website’s use.
  • Appropriate security for your data – and for your customer’s!
  • Tailored event monitoring, to maintain performance and stability.
  • Sensible Disaster Recovery provision (the Internet is a public place!)

MSGD is known for creating bespoke websites, and our philosophy is that all of our services should be made-to-measure. This means that you can benefit from our full domain name and web hosting solution, or we’ll be equally happy to provide customised hosting while you manage your own domains – or vice versa! Not only that, but you can also pick and choose from our beautifully complementary website, ecommerce, branding and creative design services as you please.

So you now know, if you didn’t before, that all websites need a domain name, a web host and some technical tailoring – and that none of these are free. However, with MSGD they certainly are free from surprises.