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Content Managed Websites.

Look away if you don’t want customer loyalty and great search engine rankings.

When the Internet was maturing from it’s nerdy youth to a more mainstream adolescence of opportunities for innovative businesses, it was sufficient to have a static website. These days though the success of your website will have a lot to do with how much search engines like it, and how your customers can interact with it.

Whether you want lots of potential customers to visit your site, or lots of customers to spend their money through it, you’re going to have to get used to creating, editing, publishing, managing and removing content. Lots of it, and often. Search engines give higher rankings to sites with regularly updated content, and customers are more loyal to brands that publish valuable content.

This used to mean that you had two choices; learn how to code, or pay someone else to write code every time you wanted to do anything. Anything at all.

Thankfully, Content Management Systems came to the rescue, and luckily for you that’s all the technical knowledge you need to know; because you’ve found MSGD. Not only will we make your website look uniquely gorgeous, but behind the scenes you can have all of the tools that you need to manage the exact content that’s right for your business, in the exact way that’s right for your processes – and skill level.

Are you a bit of a Luddite who just wants to post pictures of your beautiful wedding cakes? We can make it quick and easy.

Do you have a team of product managers who want to continually add new stock, tweak prices and create special offers? We can give them all of the features they want and the workflow controls you need.

  • Save time and money, and keep control; your content, your way
  • Add and edit content in real-time, with no technical knowledge – even from a mobile phone!
  • WordPress Specialists – the CMS of choice for nearly 60% of the most popular websites in the world
  • Enjoy resilience and flexibility, with shared access, tailored tools and customised monitoring and backups
  • Manage anything from a blog to an ecommerce store, employing text, images, video, audio, ebooks – whatever you need!

We specialise in WordPress, but why?

An example of our content managed websites.