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Packaging Design.

In 2009, a popular and well known brand of orange juice invested 35 million dollars in a new packaging design and associated advertising campaign. Two months later, the resulting drop in sales had cost them 30 million dollars. The product itself was identical throughout.

Yes, packaging is that important. Obviously businesses should invest in perfecting their products. However, even though consumers are generally not making a purchase decision because they actually want the packaging, the packaging design is also a critical area of investment.

As with all of our bespoke services, MSGD does not take packaging design lightly. We know the importance of understanding your target market, and of understanding how to best select from the myriad choices of material, print technique, typography, colour and emotive icons, to appeal to that specific audience.

Our portfolio will give you a feel for how we’ve successfully combined these elements for our clients, but remember that function is also as important as form. Factors such as sustainability, and the practicalities of storing, handling, transporting and protecting your products are all part of our packaging design process.

Packaging design is a crucial area of consumer marketing, which is why MSGD will work very closely with you to fully appreciate the subtleties of your chosen market. You can expect a design partnership, a careful and patient process of refinement, a personal approach and a tailored solution that delivers results.

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