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Logo Design.

Close your eyes and think of a company that you respect. What was the first thing that popped into your head; a feeling, some words, a sound? Or was it a logo?


Visual communication pre-dates text by tens of thousands of years. We all know that early humans drew cave paintings, Egyptians developed hieroglyphs and the Chinese developed logograms all thousands of years before the Greeks and Romans developed alphabets. Humans are highly visually biased.

This becomes an important point to consider when deciding whether to entrust the most crucial visual element in your brand to an online logo creator, or the skills of an accomplished graphic designer. Just as a great logo will create a lasting impression, so will a bad one.

Isolated from your other branding and marketing activities, your logo design isn’t going to be the number one factor in your success. We’re not trying to sell you snake-oil here. However, logo design can be very powerful when it effectively synthesises your values, the benefits you offer, your marketing messages, your uniqueness and a whole host of positive customer experiences, all into one highly memorable visual.

Once imbued with all of the positive associations that you’ve worked hard to create, this visual vehicle will do its work for you while you sleep. We’re confident that once you’ve considered these three important benefits of great logo design, you’ll appreciate the raw power of such a small thing;

  • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Imagine a van just drove past you. Will you remember the logo on it, or the phone number?
  • It’s easier to understand multiple layers of information presented visually, instead of as text. When you read your MI reports, do you prefer a table or a chart?
  • Images are easier to recall. Think about your favourite holiday. Can you remember scenes from it? Can you also remember the dates, the cost and the address of the hotel?

New business or looking for a refresh? We can help with your logo design!

We live in a predominantly visual world, and ever more so as the Internet gushes information at us using logos, pictures, infographics and videos. If you want to stand-out, be understood in an instant and be remembered for a lifetime, your first investment into achieving those goals should be a powerful, transferable and extendable logo from MSGD.

After discussing and understanding the key brand messages that your logo design will need to convey, we’ll produce several concepts to allow you to judge them just as your new and loyal customers would. We’ll continue to refine and develop them with you until you’ve approved the final design, and then deliver it in a range of formats suitable for whatever print or digital applications you might need.

An example of our work.