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Your brand is a priceless strategic asset; a message of shared values that draws your customers to you, again and again.

The art of branding begins with you. Even if you don’t believe that you know the slightest thing about branding, it still begins with you. This is because branding is not about drawing logos or selecting colour schemes and fonts. Yes, these are some of the many things that we can do for you to very effectively communicate your brand and your values, but they themselves are not your brand.

Your brand is a magnetic calling to all who agree with who you are, how you operate and why you even exist. This is why at MSGD we don’t tell, we ask. We don’t prescribe, we describe.

Our talent, that we humbly offer to you, is our ability to effectively convey your strengths and values and passions. We know how to turn your strategic choices of value, markets and persona into crystal clear visual language.

There is an important point to note about branding, which is that it only works in the long-term when the message connects with existing desires and values, and is then delivered upon.

We understand this, which is why we’ve never used a templated, cookie-cutter approach. A design partnership with MSGD delivers value because our bespoke rendering of your brand message will be unique, authentic and unmistakable.

You will then not only have a valuable marketing asset, but also a much easier promise to fulfil – because it will be closer to who you already are and aspire to be.

The potential benefits of a strategic brand will then be open to you;

  • A lasting impression that pulls customers to your door, with or without an active marketing campaign
  • Lifetimes of customer loyalty, created by an alignment of the experience you promise and the experience you deliver
  • The development of customers to fans, fans to advocates, and advocates to evangelists; promoting your brand at every opportunity

Branding is an investment in your uniqueness that delivers real strategic returns, from easier sales and customer loyalty to an insurmountable barrier for your competitors.

Take some time to tell us why you're special, and we'll help you tell the world.

What are brand guidelines?

A brand guideline document contains all of the information for you to effectively portray your brand across all platforms and media.

Brand guidelines help you to apply your business visually across different locations and clients – not just with MSGD Studio, but other designs teams too…

What is in a brand guidelines document?

A brand guideline document usually contains information on how to position your logo, identity, typography, brand colours, stationery, images and promotional material. All of the information is packaged in an easy to use document, designed inline with your brand identity.

If you would like to discuss your branding project with a member of our team, please feel free to get in touch.

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