Welcome Jack!

Published on 15th August, 2018 by Marc Smiddy

We’re (sort of) welcoming a new team member to the MSGD family. Jack has been on our radar for a good number of years and has often helped us out as a creative freelancer during our busy periods. His style and creative flair impressed us so much, that when the opportunity arose and MSGD needed to expand, there was only one real candidate for the job. He’s actually been with us since April, but we’ve only just got round to introducing him to you! (Our bad!)

Read on to learn more about our talented senior designer:

Tell us about yourself and how you got here:

Hello! Following in my father’s footsteps, from a young age I was always interested in Graphic Design and knew it was the career I would pursue. From School to College then finally onto University, I had one goal. After graduating from The University of the Arts London, I was extremely lucky to land a job in the heart of London to show off my fresh skills. After growing from a junior to a senior designer throughout a 7 year period, I was ready for the next challenge. MSGD to me was that next challenge and I’m so pleased I made the jump.

What is your design highlight?

To most guys, especially designers, being asked to help launch a new menswear brand is a bit dreamy. Yes, there were the usual limitations, like lack of resources and low budgets, but from the branding, the website to even designing the products, it was great. Overall I had a lot of fun and learned a hell of a lot. Looking back at old work is always hard, as you pick up on faults and easily see where improvements can be made. I would love to do another menswear launch, to see how a more mature self would approach the project and improve on what was done before.

What are you most looking forward to working at MSGD?

As well as working for a more of a diverse client base and learning more about the online side of design, I’m mainly looking forward to working with a bigger design team. Having more designers and developers around will help hone my skills, push me to produce better work and overall grow to be a be a better designer.

What new skills can MSGD’s customers receive now you’re part of the family?

As well as graphic design, over the years I have done a lot of photography. Mainly product based, but was also lucky to do a few fashion shoots to widen my photographic skills. I have also visited a lot of factories and learned about the process of how products are made from initial concepts, right through to final production. With this background, I aim to offer our clients a much broader spectrum of services and bring in a new approach to the projects MSGD take on.


If there is anything Jack or the rest of the MSGD team can help with, feel free to give us a call on 03300 430 130 or email hi@msgdstudio.com and we will be more than happy to discuss your project.

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